super bowl alternatives

seems i’ve been doing a lot of posts lately walking down memory lane (with more to come for tomorrow’s music monday).  hope this doesn’t represent the final flash b4 my eyes.

on that lovely thought…the super bowl.  really.  who cares. the spectacle has become more garish that an Oscar show.  and the ads you can watch next week (and some right now) on the ‘net.  all the non-super bowl tv networks usually drag out a bit of ‘blockbuster’ programming to entice viewers away from the game.  As I jump on that bandwagon…here are some of my suggestions…

i spent my childhood watching Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smith, two dummies (literally) controlled by the Paul Winchell, the under rated ventriloquist and voice-over master.  here’s a clip that’s right up my alley…

you want radical commercials????

what some people won’t do to get on tv…

here’s subtlety for in a dark bar, drinking Pepsi and a jingle sung to the music of “Makin’ Woopie’

and for all you budding sociopaths out there (the frightening part is I remember seeing this ad…i probably had it on my xmas list as well)



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3 responses to “super bowl alternatives

  1. snowelf

    I now have the pepsi song in my head. I’m planning to torment the chilis by singing it to them all day long. Bwahahahaha!
    I haven’t been in a very football like mood this season, but I think it’s just because I have not cared to make the time to invest in following it. (I am excited the Packers are there and Brett F-Face is not.) We are going to watch the game, but mostly because I am working from home, so it will be on for the commercials. 😉


  2. thought i’d come see if i can watch this stuff on my ancient apple since my POS dell won’t cooperate. lo and behold! may i say that cold cream ad is disturbing in the extreme! holy shit!

  3. There were some people looking forward to the Best Buy ad because it will feature Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Beiber. Well, it was a yawner. But Beiber was on Letterman last week and surprise me, that dude can drum.

    It was a good game this year, but I am glad it is finally over so that it will not be on the “news” all of the time like it has been for the past month. I do not know how the national media has been dumping on the ice/snow storms here last week, but what was the NFL thinking when they awarded a future Super Bowl to a topless New York stadium. Al Gore had better hurry up with that global warming stuff, that’s all I gotta say…


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