mm – love

it’s february once again.  the month hallmark takes a break from counting their xmas profits to lick their lips over the upcoming excess of valentine’s day – a day dedicated to enforcing the fact that if you are unattached, you are scum.  but the cyberwaves will be full of eCards, flower orders and sexting regurgitation.  it’s the perfect season for a little tool



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4 responses to “mm – love

  1. Well, that’s really not what our theme is for the whole month of February we have chosen “Love Songs”! Now a picture with Cupid stuck with his own arrow??? Plus a song with explicit language is hardly a love song. I’ve asked also that if you’re going to Post a song with rough language would you please for warn the readers, so they can make the choice of listening or not. I don’t care what kind of song you Post, but let the listeners make the choice, please? I run a family blog & I don’t think that’s too much to ask! I love seeing you playing along with us. You’ve really come up with some hot tunes! So, hope to see you next week too, but please think about what I said. Thanks my friend. Have a great week!

  2. iblogmoore

    lots of fun, I love anything that has a metal sound to it this was great Cooper, thanks for being with us this week!

  3. I’ve never heard of this group or this song… I couldn’t even understand what they were saying.
    Didn’t know you were so against love, my man… it’s a beautiful thing.
    I actually thought the little cupid was adorable.

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