talent and decency

i’ve been posting way too much youtube stuff lately so i’m trying to back off…but this one i have to share.

jordan rudess is a Julliard trained pianist who is a member of dream theater and has produced a number of solo efforts and side projects.  Aside from being a phenomenally talented musician, he’s a decent person.  i met him a few years back at a modern drummer festival (he was playing with rod morganstein at the time) and while all the drummers fawned over each other i recognized him standing off by himself.  We talked about music and some of his projects for a bit.  A soft-spoken unpretentious guy. (unlike portnoy who has shown his true arrogant-prick colors recently)

I’m on jordan’s mailing list and this came thru for valentine’s day.  It’s excellent.  Enjoy.



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2 responses to “talent and decency

  1. snowelf

    I just got “scolded” by Snickers for listening to this during Glee. 😉


  2. lovely. that gizmo is totally weird but used to a nifty effect. thanks for sharing.

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