not cold enough yet

demotivational posters - WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER
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5 responses to “not cold enough yet

  1. LOVE-IT!!!
    Is that Judas Priest???? TeeHee… sometimes I amuse myself.

  2. i know a monk who rocks. what does that say about the ambient temperature of hades?

  3. I think you have made a mistake, I am not courageous……I’m a freaking weenie. The last place I want my little boy to be is in a war. Sigh. How does one make the transition from fierce mom to old lady, not so relevant mom? If you know the answer to that let me know…..I’d pay big bucks!!!

    Thanks for the sweet assumption that I have courage!!

  4. I think I saw him in my neighborhood this week. In fact that picture could have been taken here this morning.

    I’m against global warming in general, but if we’re going to have it I’d like some in my neighborhood. Soon.

    Thank you.

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