Southern Exposure

Just what the hell is going on in Georgia??? First it was Representative Hank Johnson worried about Guam tipping over into the ocean if a marine base was built there. Then it was Representative Bobby Franklin and his religious extremism a la Salem, Massachusetts circa 17th Century.

And now the Girls Scouts are getting their cookies tossed. Someone send some valium to the Peach State…


After someone complained about a Savannah, Georgia, troop selling cookies at a busy intersection in town, the city forced the girls to move away from the money-making location, according to the Savannah Morning News. The demand to move broke decades of tradition because that corner – Oglethorpe Avenue and Bull Street – is in front of the historic home of the founder of the Girl Scouts organization, Juliette Low.

Savannah zoning administrator Randolph Scott (yer kidding me, right?  Randolph Scott???) said the problem was that the girls were setting up their sale table on a public sidewalk, which violates a city ordinance, the Morning News reports. Scott tried to help, calling for a survey in the hopes that the property line near the home had private space. No such luck.

The Scouts are taking it on the chin elsewhere in Georgia and around the country. Recently in Villa Rica, Georgia – about 35 miles west of Atlanta – Girl Scouts were told they could no longer peddle their Thin Mints at a strip mall. (Watch how a cop nearly booted the Scouts from their favorite spot. “He was scaring us,” one of the girls said of the officer.)



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3 responses to “Southern Exposure

  1. never underestimate the stupidity of zoning boards and local ordinances.

  2. At least the bureaucrat tried to help.

    I cannot help but wonder whether a parent might have called in the complaint to cut down on the competition. Around here, troops stake out valuable positions in front of Wal-Mart or Sam’s club locations.


  3. That actually sounds like something the sherrifs office would do in our town instead of going after the drivers doing 60mph on the residential streets with the speed limit of 25mph.

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