i don’t understand…again

For most, if not all, cars manufactured in the past six or seven years there is a feature that makes me scratch my head and wonder what was the designer thinking.  On most car radios there are six buttons used for pre-sets and a button to allow the driver or passenger, depending on established car rules, to switch between one AM band and two FM bands, usually titled FM1 and FM2.  Herein lies the issue that gives me pause…

The car I grew up in - 1960 Chevy Impala Convertible

Does anybody really have TWELVE different FM stations they listen to?  Especially in this age of CD changers and MP3 players.  OK, maybe…MAYBE if the roads you travel are in Manhattan or Philadelphia, Chicago, LA, San Francisco.  Maybe then it’s possible.  But say you live in Wakeeney, Kansas or Des Moines, New Mexico surrounded by hundreds of square miles of desert or grasslands.  What the heck do you need a dozen FM presets for?  How many possible ways are there to present country music?  Perhaps three.  Tops.


I’m old enough to remember the AM radios with six black buttons that were pulled out and pushed all the way back in to mark a preset once the station was fine tuned using the analog dial with the vertical red marker.  And if you were lucky to have a speaker in the back seat there was one nestled behind a steel grate stuck between the back seats.



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12 responses to “i don’t understand…again

  1. Couldn’t agree more; I don’t have ONE preset FM button … my vehicle is circa 2004 and it has a 1 disc cd player .. I load up cds I’ve burned with classic rock, Elvis, etc and hit the road … If I could have radio of yesterday I’d listen to it, but I can’t stand the constant yammer of today’s “hosts.” Ugh!

  2. I agree, especially with satelite radio! I never listen to the local stations (I am SO not country) and think my preset buttons are all memory-virgins. Unless someone secretly defiled them whist I wasn’t looking 😉

  3. logo™

    aaah, well, now see…
    I am in a mixed marriage.
    My husband listens to classic rock and middle of the road stank thatI cannot bear.
    So he gets FM2 and I get FM1 presets (in my car, in his car- he gets FM1 and I get FM2).
    My six stations include two NPRs (one jazz, one classical), some alternative stations, etc.
    I think there is only one station that makes both our lists.

  4. oh man, when you started in on the old style pull out push in buttons i went back to the ’68 barracuda we had when i was growing up. i was so upset when my mom sold that car.

    also remember my grandfather’s old imperial from sometime in the 50s. that was only for sunday driving. yeah, i remember sunday drives too. good lord. i’m officially old.

  5. Back when I used to travel quite a bit, I often wished I had more than 10 AM and 10 FM presets.

    Somehow, I always seem to miss out on the latest mobile audio developments. My first car had an 8-track player rather than a cassette. The second was just before CD players became common and affordable. The present one just missed out on the ability to play MP3s on a CD-ROM and an external audio input jack.

    What I would like now is a DAR (digital audio recorder) for those “did I just hear what I thought I heard” or “dang, I was not paying attention for that traffic report” moments and for recording programs airing while not in the car for listening when driving. Think TIVO for the car radio to get my drift. Maybe it is time to buy a new car so that someone will come out with it…


  6. That is so funny you mentioned this because my hubs and I were just talking about the same thing. He even asked me what the F2 stood for. He had no idea (and he’s had his car since 2000) so I had to explain that it is where I hid my country music station preset. He told me to get rid of it… he didn’t even want it hidden in his car anywhere. TeeHee
    BTW… the car you grew up in is my all time 2nd favorite car.. I would give my first-born to own one of those!! And you have shown it in my favorite color. That is when cars were CARS!!!

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