friRev – who are you?

The friday revolution is upon us.  Check out GirlOnTheContrary for more.

This is an alternate rough version of the Who classic that I’d never heard (or seen) before.  It’s semi-bittersweet as Keith Moon was to pass away soon after these songs were cut.  He was a madman drummer for sure.

PS: Why didn’t you all remind me about this??? Damn I missed it now….Texas Testicle Festival



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5 responses to “friRev – who are you?

  1. It takes balls to name an event like that when it does not involve the partaking of mountain oysters or tests of courage.


  2. WHAT? I’ve lived here my entire life and never heard of the “Testicle Festival”… wasn’t what I thought. Also- LOVE THE WHO! Viva la Revolution!

  3. the testicle festival huh?

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