so what happens then???

here we are at war number 3.  what happens when we run out of countries to bomb?  maybe, just maybe the military industrial complex will crumble taking the last vestiges of this phony economy with it, creating widespread poverty and homelessness until the destitute masses finally rise up out of their TV chairs, now smoldering in the ashes, and attack the wealthy federal reserve bank heads and G5, 10, 15, 20 connivers that control all the wealth.  there won’t be a police state, just a small clique of stormtroopers to protect the greedy…eventually they will crumble but not until blood runs red in the streets.

have a nice day



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18 responses to “so what happens then???

  1. I’m at a loss. At what point are we supposed to intervene in countries’ internal affairs. Ever? If they’re slaughtering women and children? Stealing relief goods and beating the plowshares into swords while babies starve? Never? When second fetuses are aborted by law? Tyrants who have gassed their own citizens?

    Somebody decide. Are we the planetary constabulary or not.

    I suggest we bring our troops home and enforce our own borders. When other sovereign countries threaten our borders, we annex them.

    That’s my foreign policy.

    • what makes you think big business and their meek subsidiary the US Government actually want the borders patrolled? The need the revolving door of illegal immigrants to keep the kill floors rolling…
      I’m certainly all for bringing the troops home…

  2. Except Norway. Leave them alone.

  3. I am totally with you here. Enough already.

  4. > what happens when we run out of countries to bomb?

    Uh, we make more? Then there is always Mexico…it needs a good spanking right about now…


  5. ya…. see, we’re just your friednly neighbour to the north. You remember that. hehe..

    Honestly though, this whole thing is like watching a rerun on TV. Which is truly terrible since this isn’t a TV show.

    Good Satire, I thought that was pretty funny

  6. stop the world, i want to get off….

  7. Very well said!! I’ve been saying it to my hubby for quite a while now.
    Let’s just mind our own business and bring our troops home to take care of our own. I especially LOVE your cartoon!! DUH, PEOPLE… it’s a simple statement.

  8. I like Robert Heinlein’s solution to waging wars in other countries. Declaring war on foreign soil can only be done by public referendum and the only people allowed to vote are those who will fight it. Attacks on native soil would still lie under executive/legislative jurisdiction. That way these power mad old fucks in the government will stop sending our kids to fight and die overseas solely at the whim of corporate greed.

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