qm – moon river….

1. Did you take a picture of the moon SuperMoon Saturday evening? If so, please post it. If not, steal one and post it.
I took a picture of A moon Saturday night, but I didn’t get the needed release forms signed in order to post it.

2. Have you ever howled at the moon?
with every single meme.

3. Do you believe that feelings and emotions are affected by the changes in lunar phases? (ie: children misbehave, lovers misbehave, tempers fly)
My emotions are thrown out of whack with changes in a lunar module, especially that dune buggy left up there. The moon folk used to drive that thing all over the sea of tranquility…

4. In the language of astronomy, the two extremes of the moon are called ”apogee” (far away) and ”perige” (nearby). Who or what would you like to be apogee and who/what perige? (Crikey! I can now talk moon talk!)
Media talk show hosts / certain female actresses with whom you should be familiar by now.

5. Name a famous moon walker.
Gidney & Cloyd

6. Scientists claim there is no relation whatsoever between a Supermoon and natural disasters. Yet we have experienced tsunamis and earthquakes in the last 7 days on Earth. Do you believe them?
I have complete and utter confidence in the earthquakes and tsunamis, it’s the scientists that can’t be trusted.

7. Creedence Clearwater Revival sang about the evil of the moon. Is there a Bad Moon Rising in your life?
No, but there’s this traveling band playing in a green river out my back door…



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6 responses to “qm – moon river….

  1. 2. Pull those pants up!

    5. Michael Jackson


  2. Good point with #6 and #7 best answer 🙂

  3. 2. Have you ever howled at the moon?
    with every single meme.

    They can do that to you… 🙂

  4. (_Y_)

    there’s a supermoon for ya.

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