end of an era

Yes, the passing of Elizabeth Taylor is a sad event; as Roger Ebert wrote her passing marks the end of an era, the last of the hollywood glamour queens.  Volatility seemed to characterize not only the roles for which she was most famous but also the men she was drawn to in her personal life; the irregulars, the odd weaves.  The Burton/Fisher marriages were prime fodder for gossip columnists and tabloids while, later in life, her connection with Rock Hudson and Michael Jackson became grist for the celebrity focused media. No actress, past or present, can match Liz Taylor’s ability to bring fire and pathos to the role of Martha in Virgina Woolf, elicit Maggie’s sultry fire in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof or explode Kate’s power in Shrew and still be seen as the quiet symbol of elegance and beauty. She was one of a kind.



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6 responses to “end of an era

  1. I loved her with Rock Hudson in “Giant” and just today, I DVR’d her and Richard Burton in “Cleopatra.” She, to me, was the essence of glamour & beauty.

    • Giant was not one of my favorites..not because of her. It just didn’t grab me for some reason. Cleopatra is iconic if nothing else. The one I have never seen but want to is Butterfield 8. I even found a copy of the book recently at the used book store. Think I’ll read it first.

  2. maybe weird but what struck me was when she did the photo spread during her surgery and treatment for a brain tumor. i was impressed that someone so gorgeous and glamorous would allow herself to be seen in such vulnerability and certainly without glamor.

    may she rest in peace.

  3. I don’t think I’ve read anything better on her life.
    I love the way she used her fame and fortune to help others without reservation.

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