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I was fortunate to see my favorite conductor, Seiji Ozawa conduct my favorite piece of music, Ein Heldenleben, at Carnegie Hall years ago.  A treat to say the least.  I still enjoy watching him conduct to this day.  It’s also fun to read the snotty comments in youtube by the classical music snobs.  Bunch of prats.

Go see Girl On The Contrary for more revolution stuff…



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10 responses to “friRev – a little culture

  1. lol! prats 😉
    Good choice!

  2. fun. i like seeing a totally different side of your musical taste. seiji looks like he’s having a helluva lot of fun and isn’t that how it should be?

    one of the greats or not i still smile when i think of arthur fiedler. as a kid i kind of resented having to endure pbs concerts from the boston pops but i liked him because he reminded me of my grandfather. yeah nothing to do with music, but there you have it.

  3. You really classed up the revolution this week Coop. It is much appreciated!!!

  4. I love this. I had a dog that we nicknamed Fledermaus cos she had bat ears (a bit of Drea insigificant nonsense – my apologies).

  5. I remember watching this play on Masterpiece Theater when I was a kid and totally fell in love with it. This is such a great song and Seiji Ozawa is always fun to watch because you can see how much he loves what he does.
    Thanks for the memories. 🙂

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