scrapy bits

Things I’ve had enough of:
– books and movies about vampires
– whole grain everything (lucky charms…are we that stupid?)
– yogurt (jamie lee curtis…are you fucking kidding me?)
– white guys who think they are black because they wear a baseball cap sideways or backwards.  Tell you what, want to be unique?  Take the hat and shove it up your ass – then you’ll have a reason to wear your pants around your knees.  morons.
– cell phones.  how many different kinds of phones do we really need. and moms and dads, make sure your kids have the latest 4G stupid phones so they can share their porn collection with all their friends.
– 3D movies…used as a cheap gimmick to prop up pathetically awful films

ok…breathing a little easier now….



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16 responses to “scrapy bits

  1. antiquefreak

    Who pissed on your cornflakes?

  2. oh dear… !!
    Have I got a song for you… it just reminds me of you 😀

  3. I am with you on the whole grain thing … whole grain flour is still all carbs which quickly turns to SUGAR ie FAT in your system. Whole Grain sugar encrusted cereal is about as healthy as .. a bowl of sugar.

    Great rant! 🙂 MJ

  4. i’m with you on the vampire thing.
    jersey shore. really? weren’t their 15 minutes over a long damn time ago?
    phamaceutical commercials
    a particular asswipe PE teacher at y kid’s school.

    i could go on but i’ll stop for now.

  5. logo™

    You know, I was going to eat a yogurt one time and then I stopped, because I wasn’t sure if that brand was approved by actresses and fitness experts. Thank GAWD I know which things to eat, thanks to celebrity endorsements!

  6. snowelf

    *Pats Cooper on the back.

    It’s good to get that all out once in awhile.

    I am also so disgustingly sick of phone commercials–they are more degrading towards each other than political ad campaigns!

    I’m also sick of ads telling us to go see them on Facebook. If I am about to fast forward through your 15-30 seconds of shameless corporate manipulation, (thanks to me being brainwashed into having to have a DVR) what makes you think I would want to be your fake friend so you can bombard me with more of your whole grain b.s. online.

    I can’t even see 3D so their efforts are wasted on me. Suckers! I’ll keep my extra 3 dollars, thank you very much. 🙂


  7. I have to agree with you (and the pharma commercials with their eleventy-billion side effects) on everything except the 3-D movies. I couldn’t watch them when I was little because they gave me migraines. Now I can, even though I have to close my eyes at parts, and I really enjoy them.
    I really hate the Kia commercials with those stupid rodents dressed like gangsters listening to rap music… WTF is that supposed to do with selling cars?

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