a sandwich keeper

This just came in the mail and I can safely state that I will never throw it out.  I am a sandwich freak.  Give me a good sandwich any day, any time.  I think that’s part of the reason why lunch is my favorite meal of the day.  A good deli, and I mean a REALLY good deli, beats a five-star restaurant hands down. I have had people behind deli counters say to me that some of the creations I order sound so good that they would have to try them.  I take that as an ultimate compliment.

I grew up in a town that had four places to get sandwiches, two deli’s on the north side and two sub shops on the south side (one of each remains to this day even though the downtown area has (sadly) become a giant outdoor mall).  One of the great things about working downtown was a sandwich from Tim’s (officially, Elm Deli).  Roast beef, muenster, lettuce, tomato, mayo salt, pepper on a good jewish rye with a dense crumb and a crunchy crust.  That was my idea of heaven.  Plus the fact Tim was an awesome person – always smiling, running crazy.  I watched his two kids grow up from running around the deli as little tykes to eventually working behind the counter with Mom and Dad. A true family place. On on cold winter days, Officer Bean, one of the local traffic cops, could be found behind the counter trying to get warm with a cup of coffee. I know it sounds so Norman Rockwell…and in many ways I guess it was..at least a 1960s/70s version.

I digress  (yeah, that’s a surprise). I love making and eating sandwiches.  One of my primary comfort foods is crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam on soft rye.  But a toasted panini with tuna, swiss, lettuce, tomato, roasted pepper, bacon with spicy mustard also does the trick.  Every so often even the cafeteria at work has some shining sandwich moments.  Today I had buffalo chicken, blue cheese, shredded lettuce and tomato salsa on grilled flatbread that was fairly awesome.

And who could ever resist the wholesome carbohydrated goodness of a fluffernutter????

Hungry yet?



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14 responses to “a sandwich keeper

  1. logo™

    mmmmm, sammich
    Sometimes my honey or I will make “big sammich” for dinner. That is what we call our homemade toasted sub type sandwiches.
    We use a whole loaf of bread, slice it in half, and start broiling and adding stuff till its thick and hot and delicious, then we put the non-broiled toppings into the center and eat til we are about to explode.

    Ok, yah, Im hungry.

  2. mmmm….i just had breakfast and now i am hungry again.

    ok, sammiches in our house…

    the boy LOVES pb&j on pumpernickel. he eats about 4 of those a day.

    for summer dinner i make my “you can call me al” (name suggested by a pal when i said i didn’t know what to call it) toasted ciabatta, grilled chicken (marinated in olive oil, blasamic and lemon pepper) fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and slathered with fresh pesto. sometimes i make it with a grilled portobella mushroom instead of the chicken.

    my other recent like/love. a multigrain wrap with roasted red pepper/feta spread, chick pea salad, broccoli and carrots

    faithful old stand-by: cajun turkey, swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion on whole wheat..dry bread

    as for fluffer nutters….yes….but sometimes i skip the bread and just eat the pb & fluff out of a bowl after stirring it all up together….ok, mabe that was just weird, but i like it. i’ll be leaving now

  3. Ew to the fluffernutter. Marshmallow is just wrong..lol.. I’m sure my daughter would like that though!

    I am not eating sandwiches, and I miss them. They are one of my favorite things to eat as well, but the whole gluten thing had made it somewhat difficult. lol…

  4. yum to all but flufferstuff. My favorite is roast chicken, pepper, mayo, yellow mustard & sprouts on a nutty crunchy toast bread, preferably a home-made wheat *you know the kind with the seeds tossed in? Mmmm… But I have a moderate gluten sensitivity so can only do this once in a while. (I enjoy a good beer in lieu of bread 🙂 ) My summertime favorite is garden fresh (room temp) tomatoes sliced thick + mayo, salt & pepper on toast. Delish. Thanks for the romp through your hometown .. MJ

  5. antiquefreak

    I can still taste a #4 from Hershey’s…..yum.

  6. Finally sandwiches are getting the credit they deserve!

  7. Unfortunately there isn’t a place down here in Florida that can do justice to a good old fashioned grider (aka sub) from up in New England. Especially from Nardelli’s: give me a roast beef, provolone, lettuce, tomato, mayo, spicy mustard, peppers, pickles, italian dressing all on a good ole’ Italian loaf….MMMMMM!! I could never eat it all for lunch, so I had the rest for dinner.
    Man, now I am SOOO hungry I almost want to fly up there for one. Maybe I’ll have my son send me one down. TeeHee

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