get ready for this…stab from the past! (oh my)

Straight from the Sears catalog…

“Here we have young Jim modeling the perfect ensemble for the most comfortable of mid-summer wear, and three-piece corduroy suit complete with mafia snazzy white tie and the hippie double ring belt buckle…”

As Robert Rankin might say…”What a gormster.”

I worked in a men’s clothing store in the summer of 1977.  you can stop laughing now.  And wasn’t I the height of men’s fashion showing up in this get-up.  I think they gave me a normal blue suit on credit just to keep from frightening customers away.  Toward the end of the summer I had been converted into a semi-clothes horse (that didn’t last long once I got back to college) and the store received a shipment of Marlboro Man coats.  I really wanted one…being the rugged horseman I am. The catch was the cost…about six weeks worth of salary – approximately the better part of my summer wages.  Mind you, these were the days when getting a credit card was near impossible if a) you were in college and b) you had no credit history.  Unlike today where all the banks and major credit card companies swoop down on college freshman like starving vultures on fresh carrion.

However…Santa was good to me that year.  And this sucker was well made.  I passed it on to my kids recently…some 40 years later.  I know…it’s me, isn’t it??

again…keep the laughter to a minimum.


And here we have a shot demonstrating my innate ability to attract animals..

The trudge through the family slide and photo collection continues, digitizing them for preservation.  At least until I’m gone anyway.  Here we have yours truly practicing his culinary skills on what must surely be the most hideous colored grill imaginable.  I will only state that the grill was a fashion statement as our living room used the same color scheme.  You’ll have to trust me on this…

And lastly, for right now, the summer of ’74.  The year I drove to Cape Cod from New Jersey by myself (I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal now with high school kids traveling around the world during their breaks…but back then…it was large)  My friend Tom came up as well for a week in the sand.  So, in the “write your own caption” contest here we have heading-for-home-day with my Dad telling me something that – judging by my facial expression – I didn’t want to hear but Tom still reveled at my discomfort.  Behind my back no less.  If you ever meet Tom he will tell you about the home run he hit off me in little league.





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15 responses to “get ready for this…stab from the past! (oh my)

  1. Love the hair. It rocked!

  2. See, you had me thinking you were all so put together… until the shorts. lol… But the rest was great!!!

  3. Interesting note about your ability to attract animals. I also have this ability and also must remove my shirt for the power to have its full effect.

  4. Loved the shorts! Cut offs were never as cool as when they had a few inches of fringe, in various length, hanging off them. Remember how – after you first cut them – you sort of didn’t want to wear them until you had fringe?

    great post, 😉 MJ

  5. The 70s were a cruel joke to us all!
    I have burned all the evidence.

  6. logo™

    I am really more of an 80s fashion victim myself. Friends laughing behind your back is timeless though

  7. if your grill was a fashion statement it would have gone well with our living room.
    The rug was a combo of the grill color and your t-shirt in that picture. In fact, i took it to my dorm room later….not because i loved it but because it was better than cold lino on bare feet. as for the marlboro jacket i’d wear that today because it looks warm! i’d also enjoy upsetting my kids with the disturbing fashion sense. as for the first suit…yes, one of those was brought to our marriage. so suave….

    thanks for the romp thru the past. fun stuff.

  8. It depresses me that I can’t make fun of a single one of those pictures. At the same time it gladdens me that there are no photographs of me in red, white and blue platform shoes, red velvet corduroy bell-bottoms, and a puffy sleeve rayon American flag shirt. If there were I would have destroyed them.

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