a request for washington to grow up and play nice…

…but it will never happen.

There are few people whose level of cynicism matches mine concerning ALL the chuckleheads in Washington DC. And there are…no exceptions. Democrat, Republican…they’re all cut from the same tattered cloth of stupidity. Nor, as you may well know if you’ve endured my many obnoxious rants on this bizarre blog, am I a fan of the media. Conservative, Liberal…they all function as entertainment in lust for the almighty dollar. And that goes for media on the internet as well as the idiot box.

I will make an exception today, however, for Matt Welch’s op-ed piece on cnn.com. Arnold bashing aside he has captured what I believe to be popular frustration concerning the DC Dumb-asses and is worth a read.

If I may quote a couple lines….

The country is out of money at every level, with entitlements and debt service alone poised to swallow the federal budget whole within a decade or two…

Obama’s 10-year budget proposal this year — with its best-case projections of debt climbing to 77 percent of gross domestic product by 2020 — was final proof that the candidate who ran on enacting a “net spending cut,” whose first budget was arrogantly (and inaccurately) titled “An Era of New Responsibility: Renewing America’s Promises,” is the most fiscally irresponsible president in at least a generation. Considering how bad his predecessor was, that’s no small feat.

Instead of winning arguments, budget hawks will be trying to win press conferences. Instead of tackling reform, they’ll be trying to tackle the buffoon on the other side of the cage.



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6 responses to “a request for washington to grow up and play nice…

  1. our kids are completely fucked….

  2. snowelf

    I second Lime. Doomed. I am enforcing money management and financial responsibility in every aspect of parenting I can with my kiddos. I feel like it’s the only way to fight back.

    I LOVED the song your son’s band did. LOVE IT!

    Shorty just saw the turtle on your sidebar when he hopped up next to me on the couch and totally cracked up in a belly laugh. Even with all this government crap, know you indirectly caused a six year old joy. 🙂


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