qm – boiiiiinnnggggg

Welcome to The Queen’s Meme #78
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Today we are discussing the wonders of Spring.   But it’s not all about blooming flowers and Easter cards this time. Just a simple play on words with a twisted smack of alliteration and snark thrown in. You know, the usual. Now do me a favor and add your smack to the smack.

1. What about spring ticks you off the most?
the number of definitions…it’s positively insane.  no wonder english is such a bizarre language.  it’s a noun, it’s a transitive verb, it’s an intransitive verb.

2.  How many blooming idiots have you met lately?
one on every corner……

3. If spring springs early when you’re in the middle of a spring fling, does that mean you must flung ’em out of your life early or can it wait until summer comes?
If i wait until summer comes it’ll be a pretty boring flang…(ho, ho – a cheap sexual allusion makes the world go ’round)

4. If you could toss one thing or person out the window during your annual spring cleaning, who would it be?
the woman on the progressive insurance commercials.  please.  enough already. down a ‘lude.

5. Do you have seasonal defective disorder?
no.  it’s year ’round.

6. If you left the windows open on a cool spring night, what would the neighbors see?
the dogs sneaking down to the ‘fridge toss a few brews & and fire up some snausages

7.  Name your most potent allergens during this season of (achoo!) bliss
politics, oprah, smoked olive loaf



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18 responses to “qm – boiiiiinnnggggg

  1. I had to look up “snausages”. Yum. 🙂

  2. Can a fresh cut penis be bronzed or must you just let it wilt?

  3. i have my own crack about summer coming too 😛

    and how does one smoke olive loaf? what do you roll it in and is it hard to light?

  4. logo™

    $7.99, hm….
    Now is that how much they charge to cut one of your request, or is that what you pay for some random one they already lopped off?

    Are you cringing yet?

  5. 1. Losing an hour of sleep on a Sunday morning. To add insult to injury, having to spend an additional one futzing with various timepieces.

    2. Does blooming mean there will soon be more of them?


  6. Who knew a nursery would hire Lorena Bobbitt? The world’s a silly place. I’m allergic to Oprah too!

  7. $7.99?
    that’s pretty cheap!

  8. Oprah ….

    laughed my face off at that. Good one


  9. #4: All insurance spokesmen – the green amphibian and his geriatric sidekick, the Rod Serling wannabe, the caffeine and red lipstick ding-a-ling, that smug hipster haunting newsstands and coffee shops – all of them.

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