new standards in oppression

Perhaps they’ve been watching too much American television..

Hong Kong, China (CNN) – China has been cracking down on dissent of late, as the recent detainment of artist Ai Weiwei suggests.

But the latest guidance on television programming from the State Administration of Radio Film and Television in China borders on the surreal – or, rather, an attack against the surreal.

New guidelines issued on March 31 discourages plot lines that contain elements of “fantasy, time-travel, random compilations of mythical stories, bizarre plots, absurd techniques, even propagating feudal superstitions, fatalism and reincarnation, ambiguous moral lessons, and a lack of positive thinking.”

“The government says … TV dramas shouldn’t have characters that travel back in time and rewrite history. They say this goes against Chinese heritage,” reports CNN’s Eunice Yoon. “They also say that myth, superstitions and reincarnation are all questionable.”

That means no:

Star Trek  – all versions (fantasy, time-travel)
Any program on FOX (lack of positive thinking)
All OWN programming (ambiguous moral lessons)
House (absurd techniques)
Desperate Housewives (propagating feudal superstitions)
Full House (bizarre plots)
90210 (reincarnation)
Seinfeld (random compilations of mythical stories)
Any and all news programming (rewrite history)



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8 responses to “new standards in oppression

  1. On the bright side, they will not have any “reality” programming (bizarre plots and absurd techniques.)


  2. snowelf

    Full House!!Snirt!!

    Some countries really know how to raise the bar…


  3. disney channel anyone?

  4. I’m all for getting rid of “reality” TV, but Star Trek… that IS history!

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