it’s our choice

This is how the hollywood corporate oligarchies, like Sony, are controlling what we see and anesthetizing kids to graphic violence.

here is a trailer from Sony pictures.  The trailer has been approved for all audiences so it is possible that when you take the kids to see Rio, they could see this.  In addition the film has been rated PG-13: Priest

here is a trailer from and indie film that is rated R because it deals with real life: Terri 

Am I the only one that sees a problem here?  There is an independent documentary entitled “This Film is Not Yet Rated…” that tries to get inside the people who make up the board responsible for slapping ratings on movies.  Their identities are kept secret and their ties to movie studios are, at best, questionable.  If you are a NetFlixer, you can watch it there.



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6 responses to “it’s our choice

  1. the ratings system is broken. it’s stupid. they slapped an R rating on the original cut of “the king’s speech” because of a scene where he erupts in a torrent of profanity and discovers he has no stutter in that moment. they later sanitized it with bleeps and gave it a pg-13. it’s ridiculous. it should have been a pg-13 WITH the unbleeped word because it wasn’t at all gratuitous. that scene had meaning. it’s a perfectly fine family movie even with that scene intact.

    we can show heads being torn from bodies but let a nipple slip and people freak out. broken i tell you.

  2. I sat in on “Win Win” my last day off and had the same thought watching the trailers … movie rated R and clearly I could see why .. but the preview said “this PREVIEW is approved for all audiences” etc.


    If it wasn’t for my trough of fresh buttered popcorn I might have left .. great post!

  3. I cannot believe that trailer for Priest was approved for all audiences, it scared the crap of me. I sure hope “they” at least have enough sense NOT to play that preview at a moview like Rio or Hop. Damn!

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