friRev – the 80’s (fear not)

One of only a handful of bright spots in 80’s music/music videos

as was this…

from the seemingly endless plethora of keyboard-drummachine-hair bands (the song is good…the video is completely pointless)

and, of course, the advent of computer animation…sort of…



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9 responses to “friRev – the 80’s (fear not)

  1. The Aussies have such great bands. Midnight Oil was great. I laugh at punk dancing from the eighties. Remember the Finn brothers from NZ? Another good, albeit “Canuck” band is The Tragically Hip.

  2. ok, i will grant you there was some god awful music during the 80s and even worse hair and fashion but what about eurythmics? prince? van halen’s 1984? come on,’re besmirching my adolescence! well, at least we agree on the goodness of dire straits. (and yes, i know prince is not exactly your cup of tea and he’s completely weird but give the guy some props for his funk)

    • eurythmics? – did nothing for me
      prince? – you can have him (her? it?)
      van halen – ok. 1984 was a good (although short) album and jump is a song i can listen to repeatedly. it can be included in the handful of bright spots.

  3. Today is not a good day for my street cred.

    I have to admit that I liked 80s music. Yep, that’s right. My radio listening habit went from New Wave at the beginning of the decade to New Age at the end, with some sports talk concerning the Jones purchase of the Cowboys late in the middle…


  4. lime

    ok…the police, billy idol, john cougar melonball (loved the pink houses album), any of those grab ya? (can’t stand springsteen or bon jovi so not going there)

    • all very commercial – except billy idol who just needed to go away.
      i didn’t say the 80’s were completely devoid of good music but in comparison to the sixties and seventies, the lameness factor increased tenfold.

  5. Totally agree with you about it compared to the 60’s and 70’s…. I think everything has gone downhill since then.
    I think you picked fabulous songs from the decade although I can only remember Dire Straits and Midnight Oil songs, I had too much high school drama going on at the time.

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