say ahhhhhhhh

For the past three days I’ve had the privilege of performing an activity that in thirty-two years of wedded bliss I have never been able to perform. (Minds out of the gutter please…for now, at least).  The Mrs. had knee surgery on Friday and since then I’ve jumped into nursing chores.  This is a first. She, being the self-appointed White Tornado, rarely stops except to sleep.  As we often note, she wakes up in 4th gear and stays that way with at least 87 different things floating around in her head even before I can pry my eyelids open.  If she stops at anytime during the day (and this would have to be a forced stoppage like going to the movies, or death) it’s the equivalent of hitting the brakes without engaging the clutch, the body bucks and conks out.

But for the past few days there has been no choice.  I have her propped up in bed with tightly wrapped leg, several choices of pain reliever on the table and the dogs curled up in total protection mode.  Me?  I’ve been cooking meals (complete with bedside service) doing the dishes, walking the dogs, feeding the dogs, telling the dogs to shut the hell up and stop barking at nothing, consulting on medication dosages, providing non-stop tea and saltine service, baking chocolate chip cookies and the timely rotation of ice-packs. Having never been permitted to perform these duties (except the cookies of course – and barking back at the dogs) in such a concentrated fashion in the past I have to say that, though tired, it’s a good feeling when someone lets you take care of them.  The bonus is taking two days off from hell  work to do something meaningful.  Not that I’m ready to sign-up for nursing school, but it’s been a nice change…for a change.



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11 responses to “say ahhhhhhhh

  1. I understand, it’s nice to be able to do something for the one you love. And it’s nice that you were able to actually do something for your wife, so often people can’t take the time off or there is something more serious than pain killers and tea can solve.

    Hope the Mrs get’s back to full throttle soon 🙂

  2. i’m glad to know you find your duties surprisingly agreeable. i hope your wife is enjoying being the recipient of the care and that she recovers without any difficulty.

  3. What a great thing for a husband to say. Nice blog post!

  4. She sounds like a pretty good patient! And yes you a pretty darn good nurse!

  5. “telling the dogs to shut the hell up and stop barking at nothing” you are freaking hilarious. Laughed my head off at that.. So true.

    And good on you for showing up, getting it done and taking care of the “Self appointed White Tornado.”

    And remember, when she naps — so should you 🙂

    Cheers! MJ

  6. What a sweet post. Sorry to hear that the wife is in pain and laid up, but what a marvelous thing for you to do. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man speak so highly of taking care of a his wife while she is recovering. You are a special man.

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