qm – kicking back

So sez her highness – Let’s talk weekend this week. They seem to go by waaaay too fast these days. I could use a longer break. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the entire world suddenly went to a 4-day work week? I’d vote for that candidate. Do you live for the weekend? Take a moment to answer my nosy meme questions.

1. What is your favorite weekend activity?
Sneaking up on the sleeping cats with an airhorn.  The latest record is six and one-quarter feet in the air.

2. How does the weather affect your weekend plans? Does it matter?
Doesn’t matter.  Remember Wesson oil and water don’t mix.

3. When does your weekend start and when does it end?
My life is a never-ending weekend.  The fun just never ends.

4. Can you recommend a good weekend getaway place?
Hmmm…Iraq is out of the question…oh I know…how about The Incredible World of Navel Fluff
5. Do you spend weekends alone or with other people?
Other people…who wish I spent my weekends alone.

6. What would your fantasy weekend look like?
an isosceles triangle

7. Do you have any special weekend rituals?
Yes. I pour six tablespoons of powdered yak eyeball, a cup of Amy Winehouse’s strained hair grease, a cup of RoundUP and a bottle of Xanex into a blender and puree until smooth.  Putting the contents into a squeeze bottle I climb to the top of the large maple tree in the center of town and sing praises to the Gods of Painful Ingrown Toenails while anointing passing birds with the elixir from the squeeze bottle.
Unless it’s raining.  Then I just lock myself in the closet listening to the recorded the History of Unusual Socks.



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9 responses to “qm – kicking back

  1. A classic first answer…just picturing it!

  2. i’m not sure which is the greatest indicator of mental illness…that someone collects his own navel fluff, that you linked him, or that i read the link.

  3. I have that same recording!!

  4. I’ll take a 4-day work week, but I don’t want my 3 days off all at once. I say we take Wednesdays off and we’ll never have to work more than 2 days in a row.

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