elevator etiquette

I work on the fifth (top) floor of a six floor building – this is one of those buildings with a “G” and a 1st floor which is only slightly better than some casino elevators I’ve seen that have a 1st floor, an “L”, an “LL” and a “G” so unless you left a trail of bread crumbs when you entered the building you may never find your car again. When I have to travel more than three floors I jump on the elevator. Sure I could walk at all times but I’m an old man and collapsing at the top of the staircase is frowned upon by maintenance.

What bugs me, and this seems to happen a lot, is when I enter on the “G” floor, press 5 and the car stops on 1. Enter some guy inevitably munching on a snickers or three musketeers bar who presses 2. Are you kidding? One flight? He gets off on 2. Enter another guy who presses 3. I’m not thoroughly cold-hearted; if these one-floor johnnies were impaired – on crutches or in a wheelchair or bringing the seeing eye dog out from a walk – I would understand but for the average schlub, come on. One flight won’t kill ya. I think all elevator cars should have schedules like NJ Transit, and be marked Local or Express.



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11 responses to “elevator etiquette

  1. i agree with you. one floor for the elevator is for old ladies with emphysema or folks in wheelchairs. i get annoyed with my kids over this.

  2. I always have to bite my tongue when someone gets off one floor after getting on the elevator

  3. you could be like the prairies up here and make all buildings flat and without elevators 😉
    In all seriousness, I think there is one elevator in town, and it’s attached to the grain probes. lol…

    I hear ya though. I am mean enough that I would say something about a person eating a snickers and being that lazy.

  4. Though it is rare, I have been trapped more than once by stairwells which serve only as a fire escape. You go for the stairs and the door locks behind you. The only way out is on the ground floor.


  5. Our local grocery store has an elevator even though it’s only two stories. Sometimes you need it if you have a cart, but almost every patron rides it regardless of whether they have a cart and even though the stairs are right next to the elevator.

  6. Is it any wonder that Americans have weight issues? How about people who spend 15 minutes driving around a mall parking lot, waiting for the closest space to open up?

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