further adventures from the corporate men’s room

In previous posts I have regaled you with the odd goings-on within the men’s room at the oligarch I call home 40 hours a week, from overflowing urinals to stall-centered conference calls.

The men’s facilities all have two stalls, a regular WC and a larger handicapped stall. (I assume the women’s have more than two once the urinals are removed, but I certainly wouldn’t know…and it’s quite possible there is a ladies room or two with urinals, having met some of the more aggressive female managers). (and another thing…why is the men’s room used in the possessive but the ladies room is plural…why isn’t it lady’s room? – I know, I know it should be a woman’s room)

Anyway – I’m in the small stall getting my ass kicked once again at tournament Uno when someone saunters into the handicapped stall and starts…singing. Singing in an Asian language (Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese…I don’t know. It’s all Greek to me). After a rousing chorus, Pavarotti commences to pace around the stall, like a lion pacing the four corners of a cage. This continues for about 30 seconds then, he exits. He’s not stationary long enough to even trigger the auto-flush mechanism. Maybe that particular stall has been converted to some form of temple. They should put a sign up at the very least.



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9 responses to “further adventures from the corporate men’s room

  1. Now you know there is a musical version of worshipping the porcelain god…


  2. Weirdness in the washroom is never a good thing.

  3. snowelf

    haha!! I liked bill’s reply. 😉
    Maybe your restroom reminded him of a karaoke bar?
    I’m totally overtired and I’m sure I’m going to hell for that.


  4. the acoustics are better there than in a cubicle perhaps?

    uno tourney???? in the can???

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