labels that make you go…

So I’ve given up drinking soda or anything else with high fructose corn syrup, sticking to water and seltzer. Sacrilegiously, I’ve also given up chocolate. I was doing enough of both that after 4 weeks of neither I’ve dropped 8 pounds.

A casual glance at the Nutrition Facts label on the can of seltzer gave me pause. See if you can make the numbers work better than I can…

The can holds 12 fl. Oz. (355ml for those metrically inclined)

The top of the Nutrition label states in bold text: SODIUM FREE – 0 mg per 240 ml (8 fl oz).

The Nutrition Facts state: Sodium 5 mg per serving…a serving being an entire can.

So are the first 8 oz sodium free and the 5 mg all crammed in the last four ounces? It sure didn’t taste any different. Why not just make 8 oz cans and cut the sodium out all together…

I’m confused…



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18 responses to “labels that make you go…

  1. Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. I used to read labels like that, now I just reach for the most natural, unpackaged foods at the grocers. The discrepancy in the label you found is probably more an indication that serious standardization in quality control is not the order of the day.
    Congrats to you on laying off the sugared drinks. It can be quite an addiction. Where I work, people have Cokes and Mountain Dews for a breakfast drink.

  3. 5 mg sodium if you eat the entire can?


  4. You’re right … things that make you go “hmmm!”

    I try to stick to labels that include words I can pronounce.

    Congrats on the 8lbs = awesome!

  5. Great job with the >8lbs!
    Sugar drinks are gross, that was one thing I didn’t have to kick. I was my love of everything else. haha…

    and I’m thinking there is a grand conspiracy to see if we are even looking at the label anymore. Like cereal boxes decked out in LOW FAT and 100 CALORIES! ya. For a 1/4 cup. SHEESH!

  6. lime

    i go into mourning any time someone swears off chocolate. i’ve also found extreme stress to be great for weight loss. moderate stress puts it on, extreme sheds it.

    in all seriousness though good on ya. and eating a ton more of veggies is actually helping me….along with the stress, ya know?

  7. there was a time when stress sent my appitite packing, now it just goads me to pack it on…

  8. I am pretty sure if I gave up chocolate, I would have to convert to another religion.

  9. Happily, they don’t put nutrition labels on ribeyes, whiskey and cigars.

  10. NO CHOCOLATE??? That is unamerican!!
    When I wanted to lose the weight, I HAD to have my chocolate, so I just limited myself to one little serving a day after dinner.
    I don’t get the lable on the can of seltzer either, maybe Bill is right, you have to EAT the can.
    I drink almost nothing but water all day except for the cup of coffee I have in the morning and the glass of OJ. Once in a while I’ll have a glass of sweet tea or a diet cola if I want to treat myself, but I really LOVE iced water.
    Way to go on the 8 pounds, sexy!

  11. As a person with high bp, the sodium content drives me insane. I could eat a bag of salty potato chips, but still intake less sodium than from something ‘healthy’ like a can of beans!

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