i’m changing the name of this blog…

…to “the sacred elephant man burial grounds”.  or something like that.

I took a quick peek at the all-time list of search terms that have brought unsuspecting readers here over the past four years and while there are several frightening items (anti-cellulite cream?  really??) the clear winner, leading the pack by more than double all the other categories combined was “the elephant man”.  But not just “the elephant man”, but 118 variations of that phrase.  Go ahead.  Just try to come up with 118 variations on your own…(OK, some of them may not be directly related to the elephant man, per se…just go with it)

I’m so proud.

term # of searches
elephant man
elephant 21,671
the elephant man 11,886
elephant man pictures 976
elephant pictures 412
elephantman 363
the elephant man photos 194
elefant man 146
elephant photos 94
elephant pics 77
éléphant man 72
the elefant man 70
“elephant man” 64
elephant images 56
the real elephant man 53
elephan man 49
pictures of the elephant man 42
the elephant 42
elephante man 40
elephant photo 34
elephent man 32
elephant men 31
the elephant men 29
“the elephant man” 27
elephant man images 26
the elephantman 24
elephant+man 23
real elephant man 23
the elephant man pictures 21
elephant man photo 20
éléphantman 20
pictures of elephant man 19
elephant fuck 18
elephant man’ 18
elephant man pics 18
elephant man photos 17
elephant picture 17
picture of elephant 17
elaphant man 16
éléphante man 16
man elephant 16
pictures of elephant 16
elephant-man 14
elphant man 14
elephant pic 13
elephany man 13
picture of the elephant man 13
man and elephant 10
pics of elephant man 10
elephant and man 9
eléphant man 9
elephant man, 9
elephant man. 9
elephnt man 9
photo elephant man 9
photos of the elephant man 9
who was the elephant man 9
elephant man pic 8
elephant man picture 8
elephnat man 8
picture of an elephant 8
picture of elephant man 8
the elephant man images 8
the elephent man 8
the original elephant man 8
who is the elephant man 8
doctor elephant 7
éléphant 7
elephant image 7
élephant man 7
elephant man image 7
elephant shit 7
pictures of an elephant 7
elepahant man 6
elepant man 6
elephant’ 6
elephant man# 6
elephant man] 6
elephant mans 6
eliphant man 6
i am the elephant man 6
man on elephant 6
photos of elephant 6
pics of the elephant man 6
the elephant man] 6
“elephant man 5
“elephant” 5
a picture of a elephant 5
elafant man 5
elephant man original 5
elephant ribs 5
elephant_man 5
images of the elephant man 5
picture of a elephant 5
pictures of a elephant 5
the elepant man 5
the elephan man 5
eallefent 4
elefhant man 4
elepaht man 4
elephand man 4
elephant] 4
elephatn man 4
elpehant man 4
photo of elephant man 4
pic of elephant 4
the elaphant man 4
the elephant man’s remains 4
the elephany man 4
the.elephant.man 4
a’s elephant 3
elephant cock 3
elephant man before and after 3
elephant penis 3
i am elephant man 3
images of elephant 3
man in elephant 3
picture of the elephant man’s ribs 3


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11 responses to “i’m changing the name of this blog…

  1. Weird. How does that relate to your blog, Joseph Merrick?

  2. That is both funny and freaky. Who ever is looking for an Elephant fuck or Elephant penis must be pretty dissapointed.

  3. that’s quite disturbing actually…..the whole rule 34 thing alone makes the mind boggle.

    i was just looking at terms driving people to my blog….apparently i shoudl be doing a food blog. 7 of the top ten were food terms.

  4. I agree with xmichra… you’ve probably got some really disappointed visitors.
    But I’m wondering WHO the hell looks for elephant fuck, cock or shit. That’s some really strange stuff.
    I’m afraid to look at my stats. {{{Shudder}}}

  5. The elephant man! Now, that’s crazy! My most popular search result is “does Kate Middleton shave her armpits” because of this… http://youngamericanwisdom.com/2011/04/29/the-royals/. Here’s an idea..how about a post titled “The Elephant Man Shaves Kate Middleton’s armpits”…what do you think?

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