no rest for the stupid?

So…how is your summer vacation schedule shaping up?  Got lots of time off?  Planning some travel or beach time?  Maybe camping in the mountains?  Or possibly camping in front of your PC sending lewd photos to your e-buddies.  Just for comparison’s sake, because i know you were itching to find out, here is the 2011 recess schedule for your elected officials, which looks to be about 9 weeks vacation from now until the end of november.  Great work if you can get it. And ‘recess’ is the perfect word here.  The word used to describe breaks during those formative elementary school years where you got twenty minutes to play in the cat poop in the sand box or knock out little Johnny’s front teeth when he stepped in front of the swing…

May 30 – June 5 Senate Recess May 30  Memorial Day  June 6 – 12  House Recess
  June 14   Flag Day  
July 4 – 10 Senate Recess July 4   Independence Day June 27 – July 5 

July 18 – 24 

House Recess 

House Recess

August 8 – September 5 

September 26 – October 2

Senate Recess

Senate Recess

September 5 Labor DaySeptember 28 Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown

October 1  FY 2012 begins

August 8 – September 5 

September 26 – October 2

House Recess 


House Recess

October 7 – 10 


October 24 – 30

Senate Recess 


Senate Recess

October 7  Yom KippurOctober 10 Columbus

November 6 Daylight Savings Time ends (fall back)

November 8 Election Day

November 11  Veteran’s Day observed

November 24 Thanksgiving Day


October 17- 23



November 7- 13




November 21- 27


House Recess



House Recess




House Recess





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7 responses to “no rest for the stupid?

  1. We have one gal in WA, a representative, who does sooo much here in the state during the recess. She may not be in the capitol but she is definitely working. I don’t know that this is true of all legislators, but I if it isn’t, I hope their constituents vote them out.

  2. Recess does not necessarily mean vacation. A politician’s primary job is to get reelected, and that means fundraising and campaigning. Personally, I think the less time they spend in DC, the less opportunity they have to screw us.


  3. the work schedule, the best health care plan, and awesome retirement package, traveling all on my dime…..bloody hell, and people get pissed about the “get rich quick,” three month vacation scheme teachers have going on…

  4. Well, they need all that rest from giving it to us up the ass!

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