blogging…it matters

a few days ago I was whining about the seltzer can label and the curious discrepancy and complete contridicition of information.  Well, someone must have been listening.  I purchased a new case of the exact same seltzer last night and lo and behold, the label was corrected!!!!!  all sodium listing are now zero.  It puts a spring in my heart that my words have made the world a better informed place for everyone.  Now I’ll be able to sleep at night.



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11 responses to “blogging…it matters

  1. man, you got some real power there. can i send you a list of grievances for you to fix through your blog????

  2. That’s great. I know I’ll sleep better now.

  3. Don’t mess with the elephant man…


  4. You should run for political office.

  5. WOW the power you hold is AWESOME!!
    Let’s see what else in the world we can change. =)

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