friRev – juvenile – ain’t it grand?

ok fine.  no one liked my angry kids vids.  be that way.  just for that, here’s a clip of someone with more talent than any of us and then some…

in the fledgling days of the internet, before youtube and streaming, there were offshoot movie sites that hosted all manner of short films…this is apart from all the porn sites. one of the earliest was Atom Films, which still thrives today but in a slicker presentation, missing the rough independent edges it once had.  One of Atom’s early staples was The Angry Kid series, thoroughly clever and juvenile, I loved most of the episodes.  Here are my three favorites.  Have a laugh this week…..



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2 responses to “friRev – juvenile – ain’t it grand?

  1. yep, i’m as warped as you are. that cracked me up. hard to pick a favorite but not as smelly as picking an anus.

    and though jazz in’t really my thing, yer right, can’t argue with talent.

  2. Ha!

    Good morning! I’ve presented you with the “Versatile Blogger Award!” For more please visit
    Congratulations, and thanks for all you do to inspire me!! MJ

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