i’m honored

I’ve been nominated by the splendid MJ of emjayandthem with the “Versatile Blogger Award” (pictured above)

From what I can tell, this award is a way to give some virtual “shout-outs” to other bloggers you follow and whom others might not yet have discovered.  I’m flattered to be honored & am happy to share.

The rules:

1) publicly thank the award giver and link to them in your post (done).
2) Tell your readers 7 things about yourself that you might not have already (this could be dangerous)
3) present this award to other bloggers whose work you enjoy and
4) contact the honorees

7 Things About Me You May Not Want To Know

1) I’ve had my lower intestine removed and replaced with steel mesh water line…much more durable
2) The toes on my left foot are in reverse order
3) When I was in high school, my pant size was 34/34.  Today it’s 44/29.  I am mutating into Jabba the Hut.
4) I am deathly afraid of Bill Cosby
5) I am allergic Benadryl
6) Reading People magazine gives me hiccups
7) My favorite type of music is death metal played backwards at half-speed.

At the risk of offending someone…my honoree list.  And let me just preface this by stating I love all my blogroll buddies.  Just the fact you are listed to the right (to the left if you are reading this through the back of your monitor…and if you are, you need to see a doctor immediately) means you capture my imagination and bring a smile to my face.

In no particular order….

For continued humor and insight, and for having  a kick-ass Grammy, Girl On The Contrary

Out of sheer jealousy for writing viable humor on a daily basis, The Good Greatsby

For perseverance, library devotion and tie-dyed clothing beyond reproach, House of Lime

For smarts, humor and exacting Python quotes, Logo

Just cuz she’s too cute for words and shares the ups and downs of her soul, Snowelf

The multicolored, crafty, yet whimsical world of Xmichra

For all her efforts at bringing Peace to the globe and memes to the willing, Mimi, Queen of Bloggingham



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17 responses to “i’m honored

  1. snowelf

    Awww. ((Cooper)). Thank you so much sweetie. I’m blushing!

  2. I’m flattered. I’ll clear a spot on my awards shelf. Does the award include any money?

  3. I seriously hope the allerdy to Benadryl is a joke, because if not… wow. That just sucks! That stuff has saved me a few times!

    Thanks for the award coops 🙂 I don’t think I have been called whimsical before! That was really sweet 🙂

  4. So, this is the on-line version of a chain letter? Hey, it’s always great to be mentioned! Congrats!

  5. #2… I’ve never heard of that, that’s so cool!

  6. I can’t wait to peruse your impressive list!! And .. you are most deserving of this prestigious really big important award .. from me.

  7. well thanks, coop. nice of you to recognize perseverance, library devotion and a really awesome fashion sense (bwahahaha! i almost typed that without laughing) but you realize i’ve done a version of memes revealing stuff about myself so many times i may need to ask readers for a blood test if i reveal any more. i shall endeavor to persevere through composing a list in honor of the honor you bestow upon me.

  8. i know you can do it!

  9. If this is a ruse to get me to confess, I’m not falling for it!

    Thanks for the nomination.
    BTW, how do you feel about pudding pops?

  10. Congrats on your well deserved award and to those that you passed it on to… They are a great bunch. =)

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