good luck

go ahead…don’t cry…i dare you….



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15 responses to “good luck

  1. Well. i didnt’ cry, but it was definately a good moment for the two! Hopefully, since the speach given the other night, more and more troops can come home quickly.

    • yer made of stronger stuff than I…and if the politicians can stop all the bullshit for five minutes, maybe we can get them home faster than that

  2. well, you did warn me….scuse me now while i wipe my eyes.

  3. snowelf

    Not only did I cry, but I made the chilis watch it to prove that they really will love each other someday. 😉


  4. Well, I cry at commercials, but this had me in a full blown sob.
    Thank you for sharing… I know how she felt as I felt the same way when my son came home!
    I totally agree with you and hope that we can get our troop home safe and sound SOON so that ALL the sisters, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children and families can feel as that young lady did! God bless our troops!

    • there are a bunch of these on youtube…after further reflection it makes me angry that we’re sending these folks overseas for no good reason other than business concerns. bring ’em all back.

  5. Got me! We’re new to each others’ blogs but I’m long on our servicemen (and women…). My 4 eldest uncles (now, sadly, all deceased) fought in WWII (all in the European Theatre and 1 also in the Pacific War!) and all of the men and some women have served across the Army and Marines. Since I didn’t have active family in the recent wars, I adopted three soldiers. Two died. One came home alive and well. It’s worse when it’s family but everybody is somebody’s baby. I teared up, for sure.

  6. That was a truly sweet moment.

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