qm – In absentia – part II

While her highness continues her recooperation…

The Animal House Meme

Let’s take a trip back to those wonderful days at Faber College and join in the revelry….

1) Would you go on a date with Bluto?

2) What item would you like to have Otter pull out of his bag just for you?

3) Describe a real-life Neidermyer that you’ve come across

4) Have you ever shoplifted anything from the Food King?

5) Tell us about a really fun food fight in which you’ve partaken

6) Who would you like to put on double secret probation?

7) You have to assign a secret Delta Tao Chi pledge name to someone.  Who is it, what’s the name, and why?



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4 responses to “qm – In absentia – part II

  1. This is a great meme. I want to see peoples’ answers.

  2. Knew a maniacal firebug once. Called him …

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