what the…

Am i the only one who thinks this looks like something straight out of the League of Justice or old Captain America comics?  Who came up with this design – Stan Lee?  The Salvation Army?  Sloman’s?

The first time I received one I complained bitterly to the WalMart droid that she was handing out counterfeit coins and that she better head to the toy section to see how many Monopoly boxes had been broken into.  Now granted, these days a penny is worth, well, nothing.  Any penny candy stores left?  No.  Pieces of Bazooka now cost, what, fifty cents?  The only reason for having pennies is to give kids a reason to head for the train tracks to flatten them out then take them home where they will sit in a dresser drawer until they move out.

I wonder what other coin designs are being considered…maybe Mighty Mouse flying through the sky, the Black Knight from Holy Grail, Indiana Jones running from the rolling boulder.  (If i was real photoshop wiz I’d create prototypes of all these, but alas, I have more pressing things to occupy my time, like flossing the dog’s toes).



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7 responses to “what the…

  1. snowelf

    I’d go with Justice League–definitely justice league.
    It could be GWB’s face on the front, so I guess it could be worse… 😉
    Although I kinda dig the Indiana Jones idea.


  2. I’ve never seen this penny. It looks fake. Is this shield common somewhere else in American history?

  3. arcade token, definitely. did you hear the npr report about the warehouses full of presidential dollar coins that no one wants and yet they are bound by law to keep minting them AND the sacagawea coins as well? your tax dollars hard at work. hey, let me rush out and get a roll of millard fillmores.

  4. Definitely League of Justice… too bad Sean Connery’s face isn’t on the front, then I wouldn’t mind having a few.
    You know someone has to come up with these new designs because they have nothing better to do while working for the government. HUFF!!

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