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13 responses to “blogger’s choice

  1. snowelf

    I pick number three. 🙂


  2. one year ago…
    i had just come back from a week at the beach (glad it’s august this year)
    I was apparently consumed with being a McMAWG (middle class middle aged white guy)
    i was toiling away in the same corporate hell I am today.
    The book was in serious disarray and I was ready to chuck the whole thing

  3. well, i want to know the answers to ALL of them but let’s start with #8 and the story of why it has value.

  4. An old desk radio that still uses tubes. It was my grandfathers and the only source of music in their house on long island. I remember as a kid thinking it was just the kewlest radio ever. And as a testament to how things used to be…it still works and has better sound that 95% of the crap now imported from china.

  5. kewl! can we see a picture of it?

  6. snowelf

    Well, for what it’s worth, your characters still feel real to me. Especially Andi and the cop (the good cop). 🙂 They have lots of depth.


  7. two calls for #7 –
    I would eliminate my insecurities and fears in order to live a fuller life and derive joy from being with family and helping others. (Sounds like a Miss America answer doesn’t it?)

    Speaking of which – #4 – that things I do are good enough, whether it’s work, writing, music. I have to work to shake the negative voices off my shoulder.

    • I’d like to eliminate my insecurities and fears in order to live a fuller life too. Very relatable. I hear that number 4 afflicts men in particular, maybe more than women. That’s my experience anyway.

  8. Sorry I’m so late here, but if you’re still game, I want to know the answer to #18.
    (I’d really like to know # 13, but I’m afraid of the answer… TeeHee!)

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