from my responses to the previous post, a request was made by ms. lime to display the radio about which I had attached sentimental value…i stuck my toes in there to give a size perspective.  of course that assumes my foot is of normal size for a person of my height and/or age.  It’s an old Zenith set.  There’s no date on it but there is a sentence printed on the back that reads “For best results use Zenith quality tubes.”

The front has yellowed with time, in my memory it was a lot whiter.  It sat on a shelf in the living room of my grandparents house in Jamesport, Long Island, back in the days when the road in front of the cottage was sand, the back yard extended into an empty field and the property had a couple big maple trees for shade, even though it was three houses from the beach of Peconic Bay.

the sandy road leading to the bay

The sand road has long since been paved.  The beach is gone with the hill leading down to the water turned into a bulkhead.  Many of the cottages have been torn down and replaced with monstrous monuments to ego and, looking at google maps, it looks like a road has been cut through where my grandparents driveway used to be to provide access to the mansions that sit on top of each other on the once empty field off the back yard.

Nana in the backyard - the empty field behind her

I have many fond memories of the time spent in Jamesport.  Even though there was always a weird vibe between my Dad and his parents, I always loved being there…



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8 responses to “follow-up

  1. wonderful! thanks so much for sharing this. sorry to hear time has marched on and replaced the simple little places with mcmansions. but it sounds like really happy memories worth holding on to.

    kewl radio and picture of nana.

  2. Sounds like a lovely place and your granny looks like a lovely lady!

    It brought to mind my Gram’s clock-radio. I googled, trying to find one like it and I’m striking out, although hers looked a bit like this. But with a centre part more like the concave slats of yours.

  3. When I was 15/16 I worked in a radio/TV repair shop and I remember seeing those kinds of radios all the time and ordering the Zenith tubes to repair them. You always seem to have a way of bringing back great memories for me.
    I’m glad you had lots of good time at your grandparents house and that you still have that radio.

  4. Super cool radio; I used to love to lie in the tent on summer nights and tune in American stations on the radio. Someone told me that frequencies could be turned higher at night and I believed it. Listening to such faraway places as OMAHA NEBRASKA (which sounded as remote as Tokyo to a kid on the Saskatchewan prairie) was … pure magic. Loved the trip down memory lane and seeing your Nana, too.

    • they are sort of right…at the officially designated time of sunset, or close to it, AM stations had to make adjustments so that their signals were either redirected or altered, some directions increasing power, some reducing power. I forget how and why this system came to be..probably something to with a war effort or atmospheric changes. I’m sure I had to know for the FCC Radio license exam which all DJs used to have to take prior to working at radio station. that in itself is a trip down memory lane for me…thanx.

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