musRev – uses beauty like a knife

the early 70’s – my sister was a big leon russell fan – it would be a few years before I warmed up to his music but eventually i grew to love the shelter people album.  i have a vivid memory of watching a special on PBS with my sister, the first part was Cat Stevens doing his stuff, the second part was a Leon Russell in the studio kind of thing.  I did not find out until recently – about an hour ago actually – that the Russell show was called the Homewood Sessions and was taped in Homewood Studios in Nashville.  the vid below is a two parter, starting with Crystal Closet Queen and ending with Of Thee I Sing. These songs on this show have been rattling around in my head for years and it was great to see them again…



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2 responses to “musRev – uses beauty like a knife

  1. fun way to end a tiring day. leon rocks.

  2. andy graham

    This was recorded in the basement of a LA PBS TV station

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