more ends of things

My favorite local band, Gravity, has decided to call it quits.  A truly sad event.  With all the half-assed cover bands slithering through the NJ bar/club scene, here is a band that got it right.  And everywhere they played I saw/heard people say “they’re really good.”  They were.

Lead guitarist Gerry is the SO of the violin player from my previous band (got all that?).  Here are a couple fuzzy shots from their last gig, the gazebo on the boardwalk in Bradley Beach last Sunday.  Hey, i was using my cell phone so cut me some slack on the pic quality.  That’s lead vocalist/percussionist Patrice next to him.  Gerry was soloing on Evil Ways by Santana and sound like Carlos he does.

I am prejudiced as they let me sit in on a song from time to time.  I was honored that the drummer Kevin was gracious enough to make the offers.  I’ll miss them and their sound.  Hopefully they will individually continue playing and spawn a whole batch of new bands…



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8 responses to “more ends of things

  1. bummer. sorry to hear it.

  2. It’s always a shame when a good band calls it quits. Let’s hope that as individuals they continue to make music for others.

  3. So sorry to hear… do you need me to send tissues?

  4. Lots of terrific undiscovered talent out there. Sad this one is gone!

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