musRev – buddy’s birthday

Happy Birthday Buddy Guy…

On another note:

I have been presented with an honor from the Castle Bloggingham where automotive daredevil Queen Mimi resides and hatches her plans for complete world domination and spreads peace vibes to all within her domain.

Now I know there is a certain protocol one is suppost to adhere to witrh such awards, i.e. 7 unknown facts, passing on the bestowment, etc.  Seeing I just performed this exercise in a previous rant I though I’d give you 7 things you already know about me but probably need a good reminder.

1) Fried chicken.  The more the better.  Same goes for pizza.

2) I have Morgan Pressel’s cell phone number tatooed on my scalp.  Just in case.

3) I was first to discover that if you played The Beatles Revolution 9 sideways, the address of Paul McCartney’s chiropodist is revealed.

4) My left arm has the cellular structure of red cabbage.

5) If you show me a pre-surgery picture of Rosanne Barr, I can recite every verse on Don McLean’s American Pie backwards.  In Etruscan.

6) Joy Behar makes my toenails sweat.

7) I cannot have just one.



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7 responses to “musRev – buddy’s birthday

  1. well now i know why the smell of kim chee is lingering in the air when i come over here.

    i’d really like to hear that whole americna pie backwards in etruscan thing. pretty impressive feat…

  2. I am with you on Joy Behar .. shudder!

    Congrats on the award!!

  3. eek, i’m with you on Joy as well!

    Very deserved award, congrats!

  4. Now I want chicken. And pizza.
    Sideways? Who knew??!

    P.S. I am not a daredevil driver! Much.

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