qm – woo hoo she’s back

Welcome to the Queen’s Meme. So sayeth her majesty…

.I am happy to be back amongst the memesters! I’ve made up a brand new meme for your memeing entertainment. Let’s talk about fears today.  A phobia is an irrational fear of something and is classified as an anxiety disorder. Do you know that millions of people are deathly afraid of bugs?  That’s called entomophobia: a fear of insects. It’s a virtual epidemic! I personally have 3 phobias at the moment that I can think of. Motophobia (I’m working on that one), murophobia (fear of rodents) and forgetfulphobia (fear of…of….sorry, I forgot)
I trust you to be honest and not look in the dictionary for the correct answers until after you’ve completed your assignment meme. Do I have your word of honor? (The correct answers will magically appear on my blog tomorrow) 

Why did I stop at 12? Because I’m afraid of the number 13.
That’s triskaidekaphobia for all you non-phobia speakers.

Identify these six (???????) common (and uncommon) phobias. You can answer rightly if you know the correct answer or spoof them all!  Define the following phobias.

1. What is mysophia?
Fear of getting engaged to an Italian Princess 

2.  Ailurophobia
Fear of foreign coins

3.  Technophobia
Fear of repetitive droning music

4.  Novercaphobia
Fear of being kicked in the face (look it up)

5.  Dipsophobia
Fear of getting too much cheese dip on a stalk of celery

6.  Gymnophobia
Fear of unwashed sweat socks

7.  Hippophobia
Fear of Orson Welles

8. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia
Fear of using a thesaurus

9.  Lachanophobia
Fear of Spanish cable networks

10. Uranophobia
Fear of colonoscopies

11.  Levophobia
Fear of Elton John music

12. Viewophobia
Fear of incessant whining and kvetching.



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13 responses to “qm – woo hoo she’s back

  1. Mysophia .. ha ha ha ha! and #11, Levon? You’re hating on Levon? He calls his child Jesus … ’cause he likes the naaame.

    (( I get it .. hee hee)) MJ

  2. ok, i’m a little scared, though not phobic of how similarly we thought on some of these. though i invented a phobia for what you defined gymnophobia as.

    and a fear of elton john seems logical to me.

  3. good lord my syntax was bad there…forgive me. it’s late and was a long day.

  4. Fun – I see we have both attended too many bring your own Hors d’oeuvres parties.

  5. Hilarious….great answers that made me laugh.

  6. I laughed out loud. Thank you!
    Seems many of us have a legitimate fear (and horror smelly memories) of gym class.
    Lachna/Latino – clever.
    Loved your answers. As always!

  7. snowelf

    I have number 11.
    Actually maybe it’s just that song that irks me so…


  8. that one is tolerable….but Bennie & The Jets makes me want to run my car through a crowded mall…

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