my apologies…

it appears my sidebar has become a tad unwieldy lately as it now is substantially longer that a full clump of posts.  But I do love my little jests and gifs.  Sometimes I come here just to scan thru them for a quick giggle and a respite from a world speedily CTD (circling the drain).  Maybe I need to do some house cleaning, huh?  There are a couple that have served whatever slight purpose they intended and could be shelved for a bit. It seems, however, that if I retire one I find six more I want to add.  Maybe just start a blog of gifs?  Oh, right.  That’s where I got most of these to begin with.  In some ways the ideas and images on the sidebar say more about me than the venom spewed forth in my posts.  Kind of like the Cliff Notes version of what’s in my brain.  Wow. That frightens even me….


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11 responses to “my apologies…

  1. Aw Tje side bar is fine..nothing unwieldily there!

  2. uh true confessions, sometimes i scroll through your sidebar just for a chuckle too….oh, and i have stolen several things there.

  3. I love deleting things. I think it’s some kind of power trip.

  4. I love all your little gifs, I’ve been know to just peruse to make me smile when I’m down. But do what you need to do, it’s your blog. =)

  5. I love the sidebar!! I have issues now and again with specific computers not loading the gifs… but I should likely not blog a work either 😉

    I say leave it be: until it’s broke – don’t fix it!

  6. snowelf

    sorry Coops, I also love your side bar and have thought about making my own, but…well, i’m lazy. 😛
    By the way, Shorty and I have named your Turtle “Whoa”.


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