where do you go when there is nowhere to go

Our fake economy continues to circle the drain. Today’s news is not all that surprising even though the media is stirring up as much panic as possible about Freddie and Fannie being downgraded (if you think I’m talking about Freddie Mercury and Fannie Farmer chocolates, stop reading now, retreat to your warm cozy hole and watch more episodes of Dr. Phil – that’s all you need to know).

Freddie and Fannie were completely taken over by the government during the collapse of the greed-fest in 2008 so when the (highly suspect) ratings agencies downgrade the US economy, by default Freddie and Fannie have to follow suit.

But that’s not what I wanted to rant about…

Let’s talk about something a bit lighter. Massive unemployment. Let’s see what kind of belly-laughs I can generate talking about millions of out of work people, and more specifically, me. In a time when people are, literally, begging for a job in order to do mundane things like eat and pay rent, I want to walk away from the oligarch for which I contract. I know that come December they are kicking me out anyway (Merry Christmas) but I don’t know if I can last that long without causing serious injury to any one of countless morons employed here. Yes, I know…”Be thankful you have a job”. That guilt trip only stands up to subjugated fear…which I suppose many of the massive unemployed feel on a daily basis.

So, I’m trapped, apparently unable or unwilling to gracefully accept my situation and stop whining (it could be worse).

“So…go get another job!” Oh you best believe I’ve been looking, but so have millions of other people…people who have better skills and less tread-wear on their resumes.

Thus, I stagnate, with little drive to apply myself to anything, massive doses of B-12 (or the pharma equivalents) not withstanding.

I wish I was really good at……………………………………something.



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4 responses to “where do you go when there is nowhere to go

  1. Oh, sweetie, me, too. We just had a coworker head-crunch about who they can cut next. We’re at this point, probably BELOW 1/8 of the number of employees were here when this started about 4 years ago.

    Making 19 grand (gross, not net — and 1/4 goes to pay for the health insurance I can’t afford to use) a year is HARD and EVERYbody I know who lost their job from here has NOT found another one. I mean, it’s good I was raised by a Depression person (Gram) and in the Ozarks so that I wasn’t used to having much. What’s funny, is that I still have stuff. I don’t know how I do it! Oh, I am late paying rent…that probably helped.

    Anyway, I’m commiserating with you and wishing you a much BETTER place to work!

  2. I dont’ even have anything useful to say with all of that. I feel for you, and hope that I not in that sittuation soon. I don’t fear I will be, but just incase fate has a different plan, I should hope just incase.

    I hope that things can turn around for you, and you can find something that will work for you and that you find fulfilling.

  3. you wish you were really good at something? give yourself more credit than that. i think it’s the burnout talking, which i can appreciate.i’m sorry you’re having your soul sucked by this job. i am wishing for better for you.

  4. Hey we are living parallel “ish” lives right now. I too am trying to figure out what I am good at. I too am “lucky” to have a job… even if it is the current source of my stress, but I want more. I want to love what I do, to be appreciated for what I bring to the table, and to find my place. Here’s hoping we both find it soon. Good things happen to good people. Our time has just not come….yet.

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