musRev – cat stevens

this popped up on the old iPod this week.  helped me be in a more serene place than last week.

and to continue an important theme here..well I think it’s important anyway…



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3 responses to “musRev – cat stevens

  1. Hey just last night I was tempted to order “Meaningless Beauty” or whatever it’s called … thanks to this I’ll stick with my Oil of Ole (Olay).

    Cheers! MJ

  2. Love Cat Stevens. That Killing Us Softly video was interesting. I don’t understand why more women don’t get angry about this issue. For myself, raising two girls, I am constantly teaching them to love themselves, but mostly importantly I model it. Women need to embrace each flaw and love it all.

  3. Thanks for sharing Killing us Softly. I toast you for being a man that is aware. I will share this with my 11 year-old-daughter who just asked me the other day, “Do you think I’m fat?” I thought I would cry.

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