..ahhhh.  nothing like summertime and the long anticipated vacation, away from the office stress, away from the routine.  Just time on the beach with a stack of books, spf 12,000 and the appropriate beverage.

…and an earthquake.

…and a hurricane.

…and Spielberg spaceship cloud lightning (actually this was pretty kewl even if a tad spooky).

yessiree bob.  nothing like a good mandatory evacuation to keep one relaxed and let those muscles unwind.  nothing like sitting on the beach in a comfy beach chair immersed in a fascinating piece of writing when your beach chair starts rocking.  by itself.  with no one else touching it.  nothing like all those level-headed Mom’s

keeping their shit together as they scream at their many offspring that a tsunami is on its way and they have to leave the beach immediately.

on balance, however, the weather did cooperate on all the days we were there, even while the mainland had rain we had sun and were wiggling our toes amongst the jellyfish (the friendly kind).  I, naturally, ate my way to good health with some local favorites like bakery crumb cake and strawberry sundaes and certain hop-based quaffs that seemed to add to the overall feeling of separation from the scampering rodents of life.



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10 responses to “summertime…

  1. earthquakes, hurricanes, and jellyfish oh my! and with a dash of hysteria….well, sounds almost like a day at the office, huh? except you get the casual attire and reading time.

  2. not to mention alcohol…although that might improve things at the office. maybe i’ll bring in a keg and pass out cups….

  3. I was going to say – sounds like another day at work but with booze. I’m thinking even work might be fun if we were allowed time to read and drink.

    Glad you had a great trip though 🙂

  4. We love summer blockbuster disaster movies; why aren’t people more excited for real summer disasters?

  5. Guess you can’t say it was an uneventful vacay……….

  6. Ok, hurricanes, earth quakes, … I’m just wondering what brand of beer is that? I’m not familiar and it sure looks tasty! : )

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