The Elephant Man Shaves Kate Middleton’s Armpits

This was a challenge presented to me from  a recent blog connectee Young American Wisdom, as we compared our respective search criteria.  Aside from the intensely hilarious mental images this title brings it may also attract an ungodly amount of page visits, based on previous experience.

My warped mental state branches out from its termite ridden stump to think of other co-celebrity headlines that may well indeed save the newspaper industry from inevitable demise….

Rachel Ray Waxes Robin Williams Back

Lady Gaga Caught In Love Nest With Quasimodo (this may not be all that scandalous)

Jocelyn Wildenstein Hires Kanye West To Apply Make-up

Chaz Bono Wears Diane von Furstenberg Original As Kate Beckinsale’s Love Slave

That oughta do it….



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11 responses to “The Elephant Man Shaves Kate Middleton’s Armpits

  1. Where can I sign up to be Kate Beckinsale’s Love Slave?


  2. well heck, front page of yahoo today reported that lady gaga posed without make-up. gasp! really? this is the most important news out there? puhleese.

  3. I’m sorry but I cannot read “Rachel Ray Waxes Robin Williams Back” without saying “Rachel Way Waxes Wobin Williams Back!”


    and funny … MJ

  4. snowelf

    Are you guys kidding? I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so worried about what Lady Gaga looked like without makeup. That Yahoo article has kept me from being addicted to sleep aids. 😛 (geez, I could hardly get through that with a straight face…)

    what a beautiful mess the media is.

  5. Hahaha! I’m behind on my reading and just saw this. Excellent headlines…sure to stop traffic at the checkout counter. Just watch your search engine terms…there’s a strange bunch out there that are fascinated with Kate Middelton’s armpits.

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