will somebody check the jukebox please???

So I’m walking into a hospital that I frequent.  Said hospital has a relatively new wing complete with circular two-story atrium near the entrance with lots of chairs and a cafe. It’s actually quite impressive and fairly comfortable. This atrium also happens to have a baby grand piano that is a player piano.  Now these days player pianos don’t use the scroll like the days of old, they are hooked up instead to a digital player that performs the same magic – playing the music while the (theoretically correct) keys move up and down.

On this particular evening, I walked in and was somewhat taken aback as the piano was playing Chopin’s Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor Op. 35.  You probably know it better as….

What a lovely way to be greeted  at a hospital.  Somebody want to give the piano a kick?  And then kick the idiot who programmed the thing????



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9 responses to “will somebody check the jukebox please???

  1. good lord. do the nurses dress like the grim reaper too?

  2. logo™

    That is SOOOOOO WRONG!!
    someone is criminally clueless or incredibly tasteless.

  3. Someone has a morbid sense of humor or is a dumb bell… I can just imagine walking in … no, won’t go there.

  4. What?!? That’s crazy and creepy. And, why are you frequenting hospitals? I hope you’re ok and it’s just a strange fetish you have.

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