coming thru the rye….

This was my first attempt at making scratch, non-bread machine rye bread.  I’ve wanted to do this for a while now as 95% of the sandwiches I eat are on rye.  I’ve been searching for a good recipe but had come up blank until I found this one on Smitten Kitchen.  It rocks.  My first attempt and it is near perfection and quite tasty,  It stood up to a ham $ cheese, spicy mustard lettuce and tomato yesterday and a roast beef, mayo (well miracle whip actually) munster, L&T today.  The bread has a nice tang but not overly so.  I choose to include the caraway as I love the flavor and crunch but the recipe lets you omit them, or grind them to leave out the crunch but keep the flavor.  Also, I did the iron pan/ice-cube trick which creates enough steam to make a really crunchy crust, again an option.  Makes thoroughly awesome toast as well.  Have a slice…



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11 responses to “coming thru the rye….

  1. Yum,
    the crusty trick sounds genius and now I want some rye bread,

  2. i’m not even a big fan of rye but that looks very yummy. crunchy crust. mmmmm….

  3. toasted with butter then thin ham and good cheese & mustard. Mmmm! Looks fantastic 🙂 MJ

  4. I see the worth of a bread machine (made one using mum’s) but I prefer handmade. Yours looks lovely! Good on yer!

  5. What a neat trick! I Ice cubes in the oven! Will have to try that next time I bake. Thanks! : )

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