qm – play on

Welcome to the Queen’s Meme #97
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

The Games Meme

so she sez: People play games. Children play games. Sometimes adults acting like children play games. Facebook people play games. All God’s chillun play games. What kind of games do YOU play?

1. What was your favorite outside game as a child?
An amusing little notion called Hide The Neighbor’s Whining Dog and Seek Sometime Next Tuesday.  A neighborhood favorite.

2.  What is your board game of choice?
Our own invention where we’d get a three-foot piece of pressboard, lean it up against the car of the neighbor with the whining dog, and see how accurate our BB guns were from different distances.

3.What are your favorite apps or games on Facebook?
Jigsaw Puzzle Porn and Spot The Pedophile

4. If you could design a game about your life, what would you call it?
Bite Me

5. Have you ever tried billiards?
Yes but I found them a bit chewy.

6. Are you a card player? Gambler? Rook player? Go Fish? Do tell.
Most definitely. Strip Go Fish, SlapJack with 2x4s, Texas Hold This. 

7.  Do you prefer the summer or winter sports games?
Neither.  I prefer games played only on May the twelfth.



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4 responses to “qm – play on

  1. 1. Prairie dog

    2. I was always partial to Mousetrap

    3. I do not like Facebook. I need to get that on a bumper sticker…

    4. Bored Game

    5. An Aggie (Texas A & M student and butt of jokes) was walking down the street in Manhattan when he came upon an establishment with a bright sign “Billiards” in the window. “Must be that new-fangled drink I have been hearing about,” he thought. Swaggering inside and up to the bar, he ordered, “Bartender, pour me a glass of them there billiards.”

    The mixologist thought, “I have another live one.” He told the customer, “Hold on, I keep the good stuff in the back.” He took a glass and went back to the storage room where he filled it with pee. “Here you go. Enjoy…” he exclaimed as he returned to the bar.

    The Aggie chugged it down and said, “Ah, that was great! But if I wasn’t an accomplished billiard drinker, I’d swear that was piss.”

    6. Freecell


  2. dude, bite me is my game. my kids were gonna buy me the t-shirt to prove it. and you’re lucky the billiards were chewy. i broke a damned tooth on the 8 ball.

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