schoooooooooooool’s out for ever

Another blow to my childhood.  Here I am walking around the bastion of safe, suburban white-bread middle America, ShopRite, picking up a few items for the weekend.  Just minding my own business, trying to find which aisle they’ve hidden the packages of yeast on (it’s different in every store).  Suddenly a familiar strain wafts through the air over the normally wallpaper paste muzak system.  One that makes me stop in disbelief, thinking “that’s can’t be what I think it is…”  (as a side note and to build suspense further…ever notice how when a song you actually like and sing along to plays over the grocery store muzak system it is always the time they break in to announce some innocuous special on douche or some rare, unheard of species of fish?   just when the music was getting good…)

But it was.  An Alice Cooper song.  I know what you’re thinking…”Sure, I’ve heard School’s Out a dozen times in the stores.”  This was not School’s Out.  It wasn’t even I’m Eighteen or Elected or Only Women Bleed (which I think would be a great song to play in the personal hygiene aisle, but I digress…again).  It was Be My Lover from the Killer LP.  The same LP I used to play as a kid in my basement as a sign of rebellion.  So rebellious, in fact, that I had an 8-track of the album.  How’s that for kickin’ it?

But Be My Lover?  In ShopRite? I’m turning in my childhood memories badge…



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9 responses to “schoooooooooooool’s out for ever

  1. Was it followed up with Feed My Frankenstein?

    heh heh

  2. dammit logo, get outta my head!

    but lord have mercy, just all sorts of wrong. some things are sacred.

  3. Just goes to show who the target demographic is IN Shop Rite = us.

    What’s next? KISS playing on the Nursing Home sound system?

    🙂 MJ

  4. I’m always shocked when I hear stuff like that over the muzak system and catch myself singing.
    What’s worse is the kids start to give me funny looks because I don’t realize I’m singing and I embarrass them TERRIBLY.

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