here’s the easter rabbit, hurray….

it doesn’t get nearly the amount of publicity and fanfare as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (probably because it has no corporate ties whatsoever), but the Easter Parade is an annual event in Manhattan.  I know.  It’s October, and no the Alzheimer’s has not fully kicked in yet.  What brings this up is the continued sifting through the thousands of photographic slides of my grandfather’s.  I’ve created many posts about this but trust me when I say thousands of slides, we’re talking THOUSANDS of slides.

Anyway, the focal point of the Easter Parade, of course, is the hats; bonnets if you will.  Certainly nothing to compare to Kate and What’sHisName’s wedding, but it is a good way to spot existing fashion trends.  Here are three shots from the 1967 Easter Parade…how snazzy everyone looked….even in the 60’s



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12 responses to “here’s the easter rabbit, hurray….

  1. tsk tsk, white toe tipped sling-backs with autumn colored ensamble. For shame ladies… FOR SHAME!

    lol… kidding of course. I’m fairly sure my yoga pants wth old college T-shirt and converse shoes clearly gives me what not to wear credits. lol…

  2. snazzy indeed. those orange ones were the double mint twins?

    i want the weedy hat! i’ll wear it with MY yoga pants, old tee and converse sneaks or birkenstocks

  3. I just have to say I love the kittens playing DJ Hero…


  4. Being the budding photographer that I am, the thing I noticed first was the old camera in the top right photo… I swear my dad had one of those and let me learn how to take some of my first pictures on that. I have since gotten a much better Nikon.
    I wish we still wore hats, though, I love hats and my hubby says I look nice in them – not the kind that they wore at Prince William and whats-her-name’s wedding. =)

  5. Gawd! I *so* want that salad chapeau thing for next May Day!

  6. Is THAT why I don’t have a cool car in the driveway??
    Darn Sourpatch Kids!

  7. I really dig the 50/60’s attire : ) Salad chapeau and all~ Mucho better than pants hanging down to knees and the wishbone effect… ; )

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