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11 responses to “progression

  1. can I get an ‘Amen’?

    • Amen!

      I grew up on a farm, as I’ve often written about. My parents bred thoroughbreds; one spring, a jockey left his pitbull pup with my Dad. This dog was a sloppy, drooly, farty mess. In time, he grew to 80lbs of muscled love. He followed Dad around and learned how to be a great dog, even training the Lab puppies who came after him, to be “nice.” He was killed by 2 neighbor dogs — a Dalmatian & a Shepherd. They jumped him 1/4 mile from home; he crawled to the farm and died in my father’s arms.

      Those other 2 dogs? They disappeared soon after; I do believe my brother had something to do with their demise.


    • I know .. that story haunts me to this day. My point in telling it? It was 2 “family” dogs with no manners and mean tempers that took out a pit. Turns out that everyone was afraid of the wrong dog … Still breaks my heart just to remember it. MJ

  2. makes perfect sense to me.

  3. My pitbull is sweeter than just about anyone I know. KWIM?

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