I’ve been holding off on this for some time thinking that one more rant on the blog-o-thingy won’t do anybody any good, but then, as someone wiser and more worldly than I once said, joke ’em if they can’t take a FF at a rolling donut.

This whole idea of hitting up the rich with higher taxes to help us in our “time of crisis”.  Originally I was dead set against this as in my mind it destroys the incentive for people to get rich, at least in the US.  It may have the effect of sending some of our best thinkers packing.  I realize that not all rich people are geniuses no matter what Ayn Rand thinks, in fact a portion of them are downright criminal scum, as we’ve seen.  But then a portion of any group of people can be tagged criminal scum.

Now, however, I have slightly revised my position:  the government wants to tax the rich?  Fine, but not until the government becomes fiscally stable and responsible, otherwise it’s throwing good money after mine.  Let’s face it, given the current financial state of our government, taxing the rich is little more than a bailout of The Government, a group of people who dealt bailouts like community chest awards.  If the books are balanced, the debt depleted and the US still finds itself in economics straits, then fine, ask those that have some for a little help, not through social guilt or false patriotism but with a sound financial plan in hand earmarking how the money will be used, the benefits, and the anticipated results.

Let’s say you walked into a bank just having maxed out a dozen 50K limit credit cards and said to Mr. or Ms. Loan Officer, “You know, I just maxed out here and you folks have a lot of cash, why not give me some to see if I can work my way out of trouble here?”  Your face would be scraping the sidewalk before you took another breath.  Doesn’t make sense.  You better walk in the bank with all sorts of collateral and some sort of solid recovery plan that doesn’t rely on pie in the sky ideals and mirrors.

And bullshit.

Okay.  Let’s move on to the OWS gang, those randy folk hanging around Zuccotti Park in New York and dozens of other places around the world.  I understand the frustration, but you’re only barking up 25% of the right tree.  I’d rather see a massive gathering on the steps of Congress – these are the legal dummos that have butchered the middle class for so long with their infantile finger-pointing and sleazy back room deals, creating presumptive strikes via earmarks that have wasted the taxpayers money. What has politics become but bi-partisan jousting of the kindergarten kind without any sense of real direction from either party.



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7 responses to “rantalog

  1. my two cents, for what it’s worth….

    ya know how people go around banging the drum about separation of church and state? yeah. well, here’s a thought…..how about a separation of state and business. it would reduce the sleaze factor considerably and maybe, just maybe we could get to the point where we could implement your thoughts. if the politicians weren’t so deep in the pockets of the corporations (which the supreme court seems to think have the same right to free speech as individuals) maybe we could get some law makers actually representing their constituents rather than only representing the criminal scum in the upper class (and yes, all classes have criminal scum) who’ve bought the government.

    • there’s an old business axiom…he who has the gold makes the rules. business has the gold, and the rules are made by DC dimwits. Not that I don’t agree with you but we’d have a better shot at getting religious institutions to start paying taxes than separating business and congress.

  2. Well thought out and written!
    Coopernicus for President!! Hip, Hip Hooray!!

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